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Mental Health Support for Gomel Children

We have recently started a new project in Gomel, helping children with mental health issues. Psychiatrists, psychologists and teachers have found that there are many children suffering from such low self-esteem that it is causing them serious emotional and psychological stress. The Project is working with children who have already been observed in the Psychiatric Hospital, and hopes to give the children and their parents sufficient support in the community to keep them out of hospital.

A psychiatrist and two psychologists are working on this project providing group trainings for children and separately for their parents. They are helping the children to manage their emotions, improve their self-knowledge and self-confidence and to understand personal boundaries and how to say No. Parents need a great deal of support too, as they are often ashamed or embarrassed by their children’s behaviour and the sessions help them to understand and support their children.

The project staff also provide family counselling and they use a variety of therapies including art, dance and gestalt therapy and cognitive psychology.

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