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Our Family Home 2000

Twenty three years ago we moved four young people with disabilities into Family Home 2000 in the village of Klimovka, near Gomel. Over the years many young people have spent a few months or a couple of years at Klimovka, developing their independence skills and then moving on to live in their own flat. Liena and Greesha have continued to live at Klimovka throughout this period and they were joined 8 years ago by Ira. It has been a very happy home and for many years now the young people have had a wonderful Mama and Papa in Larissa and Sasha.

Sadly we have had to close the home as the building was needed again by the local authority. This was a great shock to Liena and Greesha but they are now settled into a larger home at Kapatkevichi. There is a wonderful Director there and caring staff. Plus their lifelong friend Maxim lives there and he will help them to make friends in their new surroundings. We will fund extra care for Liena and others at Kapatkevichi who need nursing care.


Family Home 2000 at Klimovka

Liena, Sveta, Greesha and Sasha

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