'Rodni Kut'

Our Family Home at Rogachev

One of the charity’s key objectives over the years has been to try to encourage the de-institutionalisation of children in Belarus. It is widely recognised in more affluent nations that children enjoy a far better quality of life and develop more rapidly if brought up in a family environment than they do if they spend all their formative years in an institution.

That this is true was perfectly demonstrated by the experiences of four children, Anya, Nazar, Anton and Stas, who in 2002 were living in Zhuravichi Childrens’ Home. They were all children with significant physical disabilities, and a lesser degree of mental disability. During 2002 we brought them to Britain for a holiday. The children all made tremendous improvements in their mobility, development and behaviour during a two month stay in Britain.

It was felt that the children would benefit greatly from living in a family environment, and in August 2002 a suitable house in Rogachev was found, purchased and adapted and the children moved in in January 2003. The children have grown up at Rodni Kut as a family with ‘papa’ Sergie as their guardian and their team of ‘aunties’ – carers who do an excellent job of looking after them and love them as though they were their own. They are now all in their twenties. In 2022 the family experienced the tragic loss of Nazar, who had severe cerebral palsy, and who died suddenly.

You can help us to continue the care of our young adults living at Rodni Kut by sponsoring part or all of the salary of a carer for another month.

You can read more about our family home in Rogachev here: Rodni Kut. This was written in 2016.