Children's Cancer Hospital

Supporting Children With Cancer

We work closely with ‘Children in Trouble‘ (CIT), the National Children’s Cancer charity based in Minsk. Most parents register with this organisation as soon as their child has been diagnosed with cancer. They can receive humanitarian aid through the charity and the chance of a holiday as soon as their child is well enough.

CIT are based at the Children’s Cancer Hospital at Barovliani, near Minsk, and Evgeny Ukraintsev is their director. Treatment for children with cancer in Belarus is generally very good and successful. But there are times when a medicine is urgently needed and is simply not available in Belarus. This is when we can step in to help. Whenever we can, when funds allow, we try to help and purchase these medicines. We realise that in some cases it can be a matter of life and death. We hope to continue supporting the hospital in this way to ensure every child has the best possible chance of survival.

We are sometimes able to support the hospital with purchases of equipment to improve the quality of life for parents who stay there with their children – a televisions or microwave, for example, or tables where the children do arts and crafts, to keep them entertained and help to pass the time.