Host Children

Give a Holiday to a Child in Remission From Cancer

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine there are no current plans to organise recuperative holidays for children from Belarus

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 has left large parts of Belarus contaminated. The children who live in these areas have to eat food containing radio-nuclides, and this is damaging their immune systems.

CCP used to bring many children for holidays from villages in contaminated parts of Belarus. We have also brought children with diabetes or disabilities. In recent years all the children we invite are in remission from cancer or leukaemia.

A few weeks of fresh air and clean food can give a great boost to their health. The children stay for four weeks as this is the minimum period which doctors tell us can make a significant difference to the children’s health. They stay with one family for the first two weeks and then, either with a second family or as a group in a school or other residential centre for the final fortnight.

We bring groups of children of all ages to the UK, including teenagers. Younger children come with their mums who are often also in need of a holiday! Each group is accompanied by a doctor and interpreter.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, the holiday gives the children a psychological boost too and many go home with memories they will treasure for a lifetime along with a host of new Belarussian and English friends for life. The value of this is evident in the messages that we receive from the children and their mothers after their holiday.

Welcoming any child in remission from cancer into your home and your family would likely be a profoundly moving experience for most. But when you know that that child lives in a far less wealthy country with far less resources at its disposal to help those of its residents whose lives have been blighted by an accident in a neighbouring country then the feeling of satisfaction that you are able to help must be heightened still further. Especially when you consider that you are providing a much needed four week break in a clean environment and that, after the holiday they must return to their contaminated homeland.

And, for those host families with children of their own, what better way to demonstrate and teach them the value of helping others, less fortunate than themselves. Not to mention the new lifelong international friendships that may very well result! Read the hosting experiences of families who have hosted kids from Belarus with CCP (UK) and see if they inspire you to welcome a child into your home.

Messages from host families