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Sunflower Competition

Do you have green fingers? Are you a competitive horticulturist? Andy Coupe, who regularly volunteers at Zhuravichi and Vikov institutions in the Gomel Region of Belarus has organised a great summer sunflower growing competition to raise vital funds for our ongoing projects out in Belarus.

We are looking for the person who can grow the tallest sunflower this Summer. If you are up for this challenge, Andy will supply you with a packet of our top quality sunflower seeds renowned for their “beanstalk-like” genes and you can plant them in your own garden or in a pot if you live in a flat. Feed them, water them, talk to them, do whatever you have to to encourage them to grow as tall as possible. Take photos of them as they grow and we will share your success right here on this webpage and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages too.

And, if you are a crafter, why not try creating the most beautiful sunflower head out of whatever materials you have to hand.

There will be great prizes for the winners of both competitions.

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