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Christmas Gifts Cards

When you are planning your Christmas shopping maybe you can consider a Gift Card for one of your friends or family.

For £10 you could buy a gift for a child spending the holiday period having treatment in the Cancer Hospital; £25 would buy a big box of craft materials for children and young people in an orphanage; or you could buy a Baby Pack for a new mum with a disabled child or a foster parent of a baby; or medicines or medical equipment for a child with cancer or a life limiting illness for £100. There is a £10 gift for a hospice family, while £120 would sponsor a month’s salary for a carer at Zhuravichi; and £150 would provide a wonderful holiday at a sanatorium for a young person with disabilities.

Whichever you choose, you will receive a Gift Card to pass on to your relative or friend, and you will have given valuable support to children or young people in need in Belarus.

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