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Chernobyl – New TV Mini-series From HBO-Sky Atlantic

The new mini series, Chernobyl, that has recently aired on Sky Atlantic tells the harrowing story of the events of the night of Friday April 25th 1986 when No.4 reactor at Chernobyl blew up and reveals some of the dreadful events that unfolded as a result – these sadly providing the very raison d’être for our charity.

As a result of the raised profile of the disaster and its consequences to the people of Belarus, Linda has been much in demand for interviews about the work of CCP (UK). Read the interview she gave recently to the BBC here

The making of the new TV series has also prompted some interesting articles from journalists:

BBC – Will Gompertz
Daily Mail – Jonathan Mayo
i News – James Rampton

Some graphic photos can be found here:

Guardian photo gallery

There is also a film made by one of the radioactivity survey officers showing the events that took place a few weeks after the explosion when liquidators were called in to clean the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Watch here

It is crystal clear that the work of our charity must continue with utmost vigour!

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