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Summer Newsletter 2023

Our work goes on in Belarus – hosting children for summer holidays seems like a distant memory now, as first the pandemic and then a tragic war have made it impossible to bring children out of Belarus for recuperation. But we still have much to do in Belarus. We have two Family Homes, in the village of Klimovka, near Gomel and in the town of Rogachev. At Family Home 2000 at Klimovka, Liena and Greesha celebrated their 40th birthdays this year. Sasha, who was the inspiration for setting up the family home, no longer lives there but comes back to celebrate all special occasions. At Rodni Kut the young people enjoy the garden and games and activities at home, with Papa Sergei and their carers. But Nazar, Stas and Anton hope that maybe next summer they will get the chance to have a sanatorium holiday again. And Anya dreams of the day she will go back to visit her family in Devon. Read our latest newsletter here

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