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Summer Fun at Zhuravichi and Vikov Institutions

Two groups of volunteers spent a total of a month visiting Zhuravichi and Vikov institutions bringing as much fun and games as they could possibly carry out with them to the residents who live there. Zhuravichi has recently become an institution for young adults with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties while Vikov continues to look after those older adults with psychological disorders. But all of the residents of both establishments adore the annual visits by the volunteers, some of whom have been making the trip every year for more than 10 years and have thus virtually become like family to the residents. The weather this year was much colder and wetter than normal so many of the activities had to take place indoors. The residents enjoyed perennial favourites such as colouring, pampering, bead making, ball games, construction kits, jigsaws as well as special cooking and art sessions carried out in the “CCP kitchen”. And, best of all, the weather warmed up sufficiently to allow everyone’s favourite – the water fight – to take place on the field at the back.

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