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Great Progress On UNICEF Project

The UNICEF funded project in Gomel, led by Natasha Samoilik, Director of our partners ‘Supporting Children Together’, is making great progress in placing babies and young children into families. Five children were returned to their birth families in September, 17 were prepared for adoption and have already met their prospective new parents, and no children entered the home except for three who need palliative care.  There are now just 46 babies and young children in the home and half of them are palliative. The aim is to transfer all reasonably healthy children to families and turn the home into a Palliative Care Centre.

During September training programmes were run for social workers about the recruiting, assessment, preparation and monitoring of foster families;  for inspectors from the educational departments concerning preventing babies being sent to the Baby Home or to hospitals; and for foster parents on the importance of attachment and on the development and care needs of babies and toddlers.

As part of the project wonderful equipment has been bought to help children in the home to sit and stand.

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