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Rodni Kut is a home in a residential area of Rogachev which we bought and renovated in 2002.

In 2003 four young children from Zhuravichi Orphanage, with a range of physical and learning disabilities,moved into the house and were adopted by “Papa” Sergei.

The children, Nazar, Anton, Stas and Anya, have been fortunate to grow up in a loving family environment headed by Sergei and his wife Oxana along with a team of carers providing round-the-clock care and the one-to-one attention that is so easily taken for granted by most of us.

As they became adults, they all stayed in the home and Sergei became their Guardian, providing a possible model for the care of other young disabled people. Last year Nazar died unexpectedly and all those in the house, and those who knew him in the UK, were heartbroken.

But Anya, Stas and Anton still need our care and support.

£50 would pay for one carer for one week.

£200 would pay for a carer for a month.