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Covering Stafford and Surrounding Areas

We began hosting in 2010 based initially in Stafford but our “catchment area” has since spread to include Newport, Shropshire and the South end of the Potteries at Trentham as well as Cheadle.
We host children aged 10-12years all of whom are in remission from various cancers so they come to us for a month’s recuperative holiday. They are accompanied by their doctor and an interpreter and stay with hosts. Some hosts offer a week’s accommodation and some the whole month. Either, and the in-betweens, is just fine!

Over the years we have built up a great team of wonderful hosts and sponsors so we can provide an activity programme for the whole month. During the month, for example, we will take the children on a pony day, we climb the Wrekin and visit climbing walls and swimming pools. We have craft sessions and cookery sessions, visit sports centres and do theatre workshops. The programme may vary slightly from year to year depending on who offers what.

We have been generously supported in the past by Rotary Clubs and their Inner Wheels, Lions Clubs and the Round Table and organisations such as the Y.M.C.A., The National Sports Centre at Lilleshall, and the Regent Theatre in Hanley. Having said this we are always keen to welcome new hosts, sponsors and fund raisers onto the team!

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Group Coordinator: Margie Haslop
01785 280080
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