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Schools Activities

Hold a Non Uniform or ‘Purple’ Day

We are urging schools across the UK to get involved in commemorating the anniversay by holding either a ‘non uniform day’ or a ‘Purple Day’ (students wear something purple to signify the parts of Belarus which will be uninhabitable for generations, and are shown in purple on the radiation maps). Students bring £1 to support our work.

Creative Writing Competition

The deadline for the competition has now passed. We will annouce the winning entries online in September. Many thanks to all who entered.

Show our DVD in class or assembly

We have a 12 minute documentary about Chernobyl and our work, watch it online here. Get in touch if you would like us to post you a copy of the DVD.

Teach a Lesson or Assembly about Chernobyl

Download our powerpoint to teach children the facts then show our dvd (above) to tell them about our charity

Drama Lesson

There are three scripts ready to be performed by pupils in your school.

Chernobyl – a play for many voices

Voices from Chornobyl (for 6 characters)

Voices from Chernobyl (for 9 characters)

General education resource

Read about Ira’s story and order this educational book to use for lessons about Chernobyl.