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Rodni Kut

Stas meets Buffy

Stas meets Buffy

In 2001 we brought several children with disabilitie, from Zhuravichi Children’s Home to spend time in Devon and West Wales. They developed so dramatically during their stay in Britain, that it was simply not appropriate to let them return to the orphanage and we were determined to find an alternative home for them.

Creating a Family Home

We decided to create a small home for these ySergei and houseoung children, so they could live in a family environment, and in July 2002 we found a suitable house in Rogachev. This was the ideal location as we knew we would receive a great deal of support from the Association of Families with Children with Disabilities, from the Social Centre, the Education Department and the Town Council. KeyMed provided the funds for us to buy and renovate the house. It was renovated during the Autumn and in January 2003 the children moved in.

Anton is bliAnton and Zhannand and when he came from Zhuravichi we were told that he had cerebral palsy. His physical inability and much of his autistic type behaviour were due to years of neglect, first by his mother and then at Zhuravichi. He is an active boy who has many problems because of the emotional damage he has suffered. He needs a lot of love and attention in a stable, secure environment. Anton is now 18.

Ira, who is now fourteen years old, was living in the Home for Abandoned Babies in Gomel. She was born with fingers missing and with severe deformities of the feet and lower legs. She is a very bright child who has become fluent in English in the time she has spent inIra after her operation Devon. In June 2003 she had an operation at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to remove her feet and in November that year she came back to Britain to have prosthetic limbs fitted and learn to walk. She astonished the physiotherapists with the speed with which she adapted to her new legs. IrIra in Devona has continued to spend a lot of time in Britain having check ups, and new legs fitted, but we now hope that much of her future care can be carried out in Minsk. For the first couple of years she always stayed with Marion Clitheroe, and Ira now stays with Barbara and Andy Marshall when she is in Devon.

Ira and her family

In 2008 Ira was re-united with her birth family. After meeting her mum Oksana, dad Nikolai and little sister Lilia in January, she was anxious to spend as much time with them as possible and when the summer holidays began she moved in with them. Oxana and Lilia joined Ira for a holiday in Devon during the summer and at Christmas the whole family came to stay with Barbara and Andy.

Anya has cerebral palsy and when she lived at Zhuravichi she did not move and spent most of her time in a cot. Whilst living in Devon with Joan Edwards and her family she learned to crawl all over the house and to walk in a special frame, and she comes to stay with Joan’s family for a holiday every summer and Christmas. She understands almost everything in English and her happy smile makes her a hit with everyone she meets. She will be 18 this summer.

Stas will also soon reach 18. He has mobility problems and is mildly autistic and when he first came from Zhuravichi had quite significant behavioural problems. He has made great improvements and for several years attended a special school in Rogachev. Stas loves to try to find out how things work and he also adores water. When he was younger he spent a number of holidays in Devon shared between the homes of Shirley Rainey and Sue and Brian Carlyon.

Nazar at nineteen is the oldest resident in the house. He has very severe cerebral palsy with displaced hips, and extremely limited eyesight. But he is a lively, chatty boy with a great sense of humour. He was the last to leave Zhuravichi when he spent a few weeks with Linda Walker and family before moving into the house and he been back to spend many Christmases in Glossop.

Sergei Gryn, a long standing member of the Rogachev Families Association, helped to renovate the house and then agreed to become foster father to the children. Sergei and a team of five carers, or aunties, give the children wonderful care and they are supported by regular visits from a specialist teacher. Sergei is becoming legal guardian to the young people as they reach 18.

We have now built a large extension to the house which has given the young people all the space they need for this to be their home for many years to come.

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