Hosting children Recuperative Holidays

Hosting Children Recuperative holidays

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Chernobyl 30th Anniversary

chernobyl 30th Anniversary

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Holiday Camp

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Duyanovka is a large institution near Gomel, which is home to over 200 adults. Many of the residents are elderly, while we focus our efforts on one wing where over 35 young adults with disabilities live. These are adults with physical disabilities who grew up in institutional care, the majority of whom received an education.

However, there are no staff to provide personal care for those who cannot physically care for themselves. Often, other residents will help out. We are currently employing a part time carer to provide this personal level of care which is so desperately needed.

In the past year we have funded a part time social worker to give some care and attention to the young adults. Larissa works at our Klimovka home and is adored by Duyanovka residents. She provides emotional support and organises outings and activities.

In the near future we hope to offer training to the staff at Duyanovka in areas such as manual handling and disability awareness.

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