Hosting children Recuperative Holidays

Hosting Children Recuperative holidays

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Chernobyl 30th Anniversary

chernobyl 30th Anniversary

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Holiday Camp

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A Message from Zhenya

Six year old Zhenya was born HIV postive in a hospital in Gomel and spent his early years in the Home for Abandoned Babies. At four he moved on to an orphanage in Mozyr, but he has recently developed Aids. As he has a tracheotomy, so that fluids can escape from his throat, staff at the orphanage are afraid that Zhenya may pass his illness on to other children. He is living in a special room at a hospital in Mozyr and we are funding a carer to look after him. We need just £100 a month for her salary. Could you help us with a regular donation towards this cost?   See a message from Zhenya and read about his carer Julia here.