Hosting children Recuperative Holidays

Hosting Children Recuperative holidays

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Recuperative Holidays

Around a third of the children we bring for holidays to the UK every summer are in remission from cancer. Doctors in Belarus believe that the holiday gives the children a much better chance of staying healthy.

There are many young mums in the cancer hospital at Barovliani with babies or young children going through long and painful treatment. We have a number of groups who are happy to host these young children and their mothers as soon as they are well enough to travel. At Christmas a group of four and five year olds come to Longnor, near Buxton, and have a wonderful winter holiday.

Then in the summer our groups in Teesdale,  Glossop, Endon & Stoke all host mothers and children for holidays which the mums, who have been through such a stressful time, benefit from almost as much as their children.

The other age groups desperately in need of invitations are the teenagers. If a child is ill at 13 years old, he may be 15 by the time he is well enough to go on holiday, and many of the charities who invite children for holidays across Europe prefer to invite younger children.

Archery 2We invite as many teenagers as we can, up to 19 years old. These young people get a tremendous psychological boost from the experience as well as the undoubted health benefits. They are so appreciative that people from abroad care enough to raise the funds and invite them into their homes.

Our group in Endon and Stoke have taken 16 to 18 year olds every summer for the last seventeen years. Teenagers have also enjoyed holidays in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, West Pennine, and younger teens now come to Solihull and have a fabulous holiday.

To see a list of our current groups in the UK and how to contact them, click here.