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The work of Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK) would not be possible without support from the people who attend our events, our individual donors, our local groups who host children and the many businesses, church groups, rotary clubs, Quakers, Peace groups and other bodies who continue to make a special effort to ensure the children of Belarus are not forgotten.

Our Major Supporters

For over ten years Olympus KeyMed has been our greatest supporter. The company has donated valuable medical equipment to hospitals in Belarus; funded training for doctors and technicians; donated vehicles to support our humanitarian aid programme; printed all our calendars and Christmas cards and most of our leaflets and newsletters; and given very generous donations to support many different projects in Belarus and to fund our office in Gomel. Luke Calcraft, a Director of the company, has visited Belarus six times to see our projects and is much loved by many of the children and young people we support.

In early 2010 we were delighted  to be chosen as one of the nine charities which Miller Philanthropy would be supporting over the next three years.

In the spring we received a grant of £10,000 to fund the carers who look after the children living at Rodni Kut in Rogachev. Then in October we were granted another £15,000 to fund our training and educational exchange visit programme over the next year. They have continued to give tremendous support and grants to us throughout 2011 and 2012, allowing us to continue  with one of the most important aspects of our work.

The Raisa Gorbachev Foundation made us a grant in December 2010 of £24,000 to support the professional development of paediatric palliative care in Belarus. The grant will cover visits to the UK by doctors from Belarus; training visits by specialists from Britain to Belarus; and the fees for two doctors to train in the Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine at Cardiff University.

The Persula Foundation responded to an initial enquiry from CCP and became interested in our work with young disabled people living in institutions in Belarus. We received a grant to fund a Sanatorium holiday for people from Duyanovka institution in a clean part of Belarus. In 2011 they have continued their support with a further grant for young people’s holidays. We are extremely grateful to the Persula Foundation for their support and interest in our work.

With great thanks to

The Toy Trust

The Chalk Cliff Trust

The Ryklow Charitable Trust

The Dischma Trust

The GilChrist Educational Trust

Crook for Chernobyl Children

Action for Disability

Eucalyptus Trust