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Designer T-Shirts Available – Limited Time Offer

Commemorating the 33rd year of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The T-Shirt graphics has a battered and neglected look – as many road signs near the Chernobyl plant, it also has a subtle glow in the dark ink. The nuclear disaster of 1986 still effects adults and children who live within the 1000 square mile contaminated area – even after 33 years. On the Power plant site the contamination will last for 24,000 years. In addition to the 31 directly related deaths, thousands more have died prematurely from the related fallout with estimates ranging from 9,000 (World Health Organization) to possibly 90,000 (Greenpeace). Chernobyl – although in Ukraine effects large parts of Belarus, whose border is only 10 miles to the north.

Many people suffer to this day, particularly children with thyroid disease, cancers and leukaemia. Regular respite care away from the area is hugely beneficial to children. Families in the UK host many children for upto a month a year providing positive benefits to the children’s health. £1 from the sale of each of these Limited Edition T-Shirts will be donated to 2 Charities who organise children’s groups over from Belarus.

This is a Limited Edition pre-order t-shirt and will be printed at the end of March and dispatched and delivered before the commemoration date of 26th April 2019.

All text and radiation symbol has a subtle ‘glow-in-the-dark’ ink
Shine a bright light on t-shirt – then venture out in the dark
This is a Limited Edition T-Shirt
T-Shirt is 100% cotton,  available in red or light graphite colours
These T-Shirts are a quality 165gm Fruit-of-the-Loom garment
Printed via quality silk-screen in 2 special glow-in-the-dark colours

If you would like to purchase a T-Shirt, please follow this link and quote code CCO and you will receive a discount of 25 percent.

Remember – for every T-Shirt purchased, £1 will be donated to CCP (UK)

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