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    21 Feb 2019
    Commemorating the 33rd year of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. The T-Shirt graphics has a battered and neglected look – as many road signs near the Chernobyl plant, it also has a subtle glow in the dark ink. The nuclear disaster of 1986 still effects adults and children who live within the 1000 square mile contaminated area – even after 33...
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    04 Feb 2019
    Young people at Zhuravichi Boarding Home were delighted to see Anya, the interpreter who comes to visit them in the summer with volunteers from the UK. CCP Director Linda Walker and Trustee Brian Hardwick were treated to a Christmas Dance performance before visiting all the groups of...
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    03 Jan 2019
    Meeting teachers and parents at Pictor Academy in Trafford are the group leaders in our new project, funded by UNICEF, to provide support for families with children with...
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Who are we?

Our mission is to help those in Belarus whose lives continue to be blighted by the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – babies born with genetic disorders and children with cancer or disabilities. We also seek to provide social and educational opportunities for children with disabilities and to move children and young people out of institutions. Follow the link below to discover how we got here and how we are doing this:

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We need your help

Let’s improve the lives of children with disabilities in Belarus

Not only are we striving hard to make the lives of those kids and young adults living in institutions happier and more fulfilled but, through an intense programme of education and training, we are fighting hard to encourage the authorities to provide better care in the community so that as many people as possible can live as independently as possible in family type environments. But all this costs money and we desperately need your help.

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Volunteering with CCP was a life-changing experience. I have made friends for life and met the most amazing people. I couldn’t imagine my life without annual trips to Belarus with the charity” – Christy, Disability Nurse



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